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  • Balancing Your Hormones to Optimal Levels

    Balancing your hormones to “optimal” levels…
    Thank you for your interest in “Optimal Health & Performance”! During the past few
    years, international medical research has begun to unravel the mystery of the
    physiological process of aging.
    Research has shown that hormone levels begin to drop with age. Consistent with this
    decline in hormone levels is the deterioration of major organs and an increase in the
    symptoms of aging—elevated cholesterol, increased blood pressure, heart disease,
    increased body fat, decreased energy and stamina, decreased strength and muscle
    tone, arthritis, wrinkles, thinning hair and thinning skin.
    Recently, scientists have discovered the gene that gives cells immortality—the
    telomere gene. The John’s Hopkins University and the World Health Organization have
    also discovered that hormones regulate the activity of this gene. While we cannot
    implant this gene yet, the hormones are available to us.
    At Axxess Medical Solutions, “Club Med” division, we specialize in balancing and
    optimizing your total hormone profile by returning hormone levels to values consistent
    with a younger person. What does this mean? Studies have shown “hormone
    balancing therapy” can slow, stop or possibly even, reverse the deterioration of our
    organs and cells. This gives us great hope for not only a longer life, but a healthy and
    active, quality of life.
    Your treatment program is customized, based on your individual needs. Because
    hormones act internally and on the telomeres (the immortality genes) to slow and
    reverse the deterioration of cells and regenerate the organs, the major benefit is the
    long-term prevention of the various diseases of aging. Hormone balancing might just
    be the best health and life insurance you can buy, and live to enjoy!!!