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    Nexus Letter

    Nexus Means Connection For Our Veterans

    When we say, “Nexus means connection” we mean it.  It’s all about the NEXUS! The VBS team will help you through the process of obtaining those benefits you deserve.  It is a process: obtaining evidence of records, from pre-service induction exams, in-service treatment records, in-service separation exams, discharge summary (DD 214), VA MR, and civilian MR, to current C & P exams pertaining to your contention claimed.

    What is a Nexus Letter?

    A nexus letter explains the extent to which a veteran’s medical condition is connected to their military service. It is written by a qualified health care provider and is reviewed in conjunction with other medical documentation to determine the benefits for which you are eligible.

    What elements make up a good Nexus Letter?

    A strong Nexus letter is compelling, well-researched, and credible. To increase your chances of a successful claim, letters should include the following:

    • A statement saying they have carefully reviewed the veterans medical history
    • Supporting evidence to the cause of your health issues..
    • Reference to medical research studies.
    • A strong conclusion.

    How can Axxess Medical Solutions help?

    As a veteran himself, Dr. Freeman understands the struggle from going through the process of getting the benefits that you deserve. What we aim to achieve at VBS, is to help guide, assess, and provide everything you may need to get awarded those benefits.

    Let’s get you the benefits you deserve

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