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    VetMed: Veteran Benefit Services

    I am a veteran. My father was and my son is also a veteran. I understand the struggle that comes with the process of applying for benefits you deserve. Our goal at VBS, is to help guide, assess and direct you to a positive outcome. We provide the most efficient medical-legal process and case management, as well as nexus letters for positive results.

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    Mission: To provide quality evaluations for Veteran Disability Benefits, efficiently and effectively!

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    Nexus Letters

    A nexus letter explains the extent to which a veteran’s medical condition is connected to their military service. It is written by a qualified health care provider and is reviewed in conjunction with other medical documentation to determine the benefits for which you are eligible.

    • Review of service treatment records
    • Completion of a C&P exam
    • Independent medical opinion
    • Detailed citation of relevant research and case law

    Compensation & Pension Exam

    C&P (compensation & pension) exams are often required for those seeking disability benefits. Veterans undergo these exams as part of the process of considering their claim. Unlike usual medical exams, a C&P exam does not involve any treatment or medicines being prescribed. Instead, this is a time for the examiner to review your medical records as evidence of your contention, including those generated by the Department of Defense and other VA or Civilian health records, as well as records pertaining to your time in service.