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    The Road to Healing Begins Here!


    Axxess Medical Solutions is a Preventive Healthcare Organization sharing our proactive approach to Optimal Health & Performance; we have three divisions: “ClubMed”, “VetMed” and “OccMed”.  Each division is specifically designed to meet the “needs” of the patients to obtain homeostasis (balance of the mind, body and spirit).

    Medicine is the most artistic of all the sciences and most scientific of all the arts!

    When you choose to come to Axxess Medical Solutions, you are choosing a program that will help you to become more efficient in your peak performance; mentally, physically and emotionally. Our custom designed programs will enhance your chances of a long, healthy and productive life at work and at home.

    Mark E. Freeman, M.D.

    “There’s no greater compliment to the quality of care we provide, than when patients ask for greater access to our services,” said Dr. Freeman. “We’re excited to expand our presence in Louisiana and the Gulf South, as well as, strengthen the role we play in keeping work forces and their families healthy and productive.”