Veteran Benefits


As a veteran with a family legacy of military service, I understand the challenges you may face when applying for the benefits you've earned. That's why our mission is clear: to guide, assess, and direct you toward a positive outcome.

We specialize in providing a streamlined and efficient process for your medical-legal needs, along with expert case management. We also offer nexus letters that can significantly impact the results of your benefits applications.

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Services for Veterans

  • Mental Health Assessment 
  • Physical Health Assessment 
  • Nexus Letter
  • Fully Developed Disability Claims

Why We're Better

Dr. Freeman’s experience as a veteran and in performing Disability Medical Evaluations, allows him to provide a better depth of connection in a Nexus letter. 

Veteran Testimonial

"Dear Dr. Freeman and Axxess Team,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all on behalf of my family and myself for the work that you [do] and for transforming my life in a way that I would not have thought possible. For years I have struggled to deal with so many medical issues stemming from my time in the Marine Corps, and I thought that that was just an unfortunate side effect of having the opportunity to serve. I was completely unaware of the PACT Act, and I had no clue about the benefits that I rated. 

Whether it was by sheer accident or by God’s design, I am so grateful that I happened to get an oil change at that shop, on that day, at that time, and had to chance to meet Dr. Freeman. It is always nice to meet a fellow Marine, but rarely do such introductions change the course of one’s life. As a physician and as a professional, the knowledge, care, and detail that you took to properly diagnose and document all the ailments that have been plaguing me for so long were on a level that I simply have not seen before. Because of the heart and the excellence of your team, I was able to submit my claims to the V.A. and have at the time of writing this been rated at 90% with two remaining claims pending. I will now have the funds necessary for treatment and will no longer need to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket each year for exams and surgeries.

I cannot express our gratitude to you all. You and your team are real life heroes and saints to my family and me. If I can ever help any of you in any way, please give me a shout. Take care, God Bless, and Semper Fi."

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