Preventive Medicine

Our Concierge Preventive Medical Services provide exclusive access for individuals and their families, to the highest quality of wellness; namely our “Optimal Health & Performance” program. This program is about prevention, as well as early detection/intervention, of conditions for which patients are at high risk. We then attend to the “high risk” factors and arrest the progression and even reverse some conditions.


Our Concierge Medicine platform allows for clinical and/or telemedical consultations, providing convenient, cost-effective patient encounters. Your doctor is at your fingertips with this “value added” telemedical service! After an initial consultation, follow-up visits can be conducted via telemedicine from anywhere, at anytime.

Optimal Health & Performance:

  • Consultation fee: based on time (CPT code: 99204/5); approximately $300/hr, minimum of 15 mins (only $100/hr for paraprofessional research); OR…
  • Tiered Membership Fee is as follows:
    • Premium program: Our Metabolic Medicine & Hormone Deficiency program; includes a health risk appraisal (HRA), for early detection and early intervention of those risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome; as well as BHRT (“Bio-identical” Hormone Replacement Therapy); this requires establishing a doctor-patient relationship;
    • $97/mo for a single membership and $147/mo for a couple; 
    • Maintenance program: after your first year; advice from a Preventive Medicine Consultant as a patient advocate; includes: email correspondence, phone communication, monthly newsletter and telemedical access, as well as continued “fine-tuned” HRT. 
    • $47/mo w/ annual subscription (a $50/mo discount) 

The Dexa Scan

We advocate for considering the DEXA Scan as an essential tool for enhancing overall well-being. It is our belief that individuals between the ages of 18 and 80 should incorporate regular DEXA Scans into their health routine to monitor and compare against their baseline.

Conducted through a DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorption) procedure, this swift and painless Whole Body Scan utilizes scientifically supported technology to analyze body fat, lean muscle, and bone health. The DEXA Scan stands out as the premier standard for assessing Bone Health and Body Composition.

Furthermore, the DEXA Scan yields three critical health markers, offering insights that can aid in identifying potential risks such as Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Osteoporosis, and more.

Axxess Medical Solutions: Your path to proactive health and peak performance through Preventive Healthcare and specialized services.

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