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    Concierge Preventive Medicine is now the most advanced and fastest growing medical specialty in the United States. This reflects more than a mere change in attitude and philosophy.  It reflects the enormous scientific advances that have been made in our understanding of the CAUSES of illnesses and injuries and hence the ability to proactively identify and intervene to prevent these conditions of illness. Patients desire for convenient access, as well as the utilization of high tech audio/visual instrumentation to conveniently access the wisdom of Preventive Medicine practitioners.

    It also recognizes the economic and social imperative we face as baby boomers become the largest working sector of our society.  With dwindling government resources and a crippled medical safety net, the pursuit of preventive medical therapies is not just a matter of regulatory compliance, but of optimal health and peak performance.

    It’s no longer acceptable or responsible for doctors to dismiss a gradual deterioration of structure and function as “what happens when you get older.”  It’s also not good enough to medicate symptoms as they arise, using a “pill for your ill” scenario.  We must find a way to remain healthy, vital, and productive as we enjoy the longer life span that a modern work-force has made possible.

    The programs you are about to embark upon will allow you to be more efficient in your performance; mentally, physically and emotionally. These custom designed programs will enhance your chances of a long, healthy and productive life, at work and at home.  Concierge Medicine is about exclusivity! It’s about providing medical services with efficiency and compassion!

    Our Optimal Health & Peak Performance Program (OHP2) will:

    • Increase your energy level and stamina
    • Enhance your performance efficiency and desire, at work and at home
    • Reduce body fat thru proper biochemical nutrition and fitness
    • Increase lean muscle mass and bone density
    • Improve cognitive function
    • Lower lipids (LDL cholesterol & triglycerides)
    • Increase HDL cholesterol
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Provide emotional stability and better sense of well being
    • Improve the quality of your sleep

    “There’s no greater compliment to the quality of care we provide, than when patients ask for greater access to our services,” said Dr. Freeman. “We’re excited to expand our presence in Louisiana and the Gulf South, as well as, strengthen the role we play in keeping work forces and their families healthy and productive.”